• Generative AI Solutions for Healthcare

    Spend more quality patient face-to-face time, increase billable hours, and reduce physician burnout.

  • Voice-AI Ambient Medical Scribe

    Works from the physician's mobile phone, listens to the conversation, and creates the EHR documentation. When the exam is complete, the medical note is immediately ready for review.

    Quantum AI Health offers a Generative AI Ambient Medical Scribe, empowering physicians to focus on the patient with less data entry and more quality face-to-face time. Quantum listens to the physician-patient examination and automatically generates the medical record note in real time. When the exam is complete, so is the note.

    • AI-generated medical notes & ICD-10 billing codes are completed and ready for review within seconds after the exam is complete
    • Reduces physician burnout
    • Increases productivity by 20%
    • Saves physicians up to 3 hours per day of EHR data entry tasks
    • Increases patient satisfaction by 85%
    • In-office and Telehealth included
    • Physicians can see, on average, five more patients per day
    • Integrates with Epic. Cerner, Practicefusion, and Athenahealth coming soon
    • Works from the physician's mobile phone, ready to use in seconds
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    Coming soon to Apple and Google Play stores!

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    Works from physician's own iPhone or Android mobile

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    In-Office Medical Exam

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    Telehealth Medical Exam

  • Ambient AI Scribe

    Built with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, voice recognition technology, speaker identification, and contextual natural language understanding.

    Automated SOAP Notes

    Listens to the patient-doctor examination and automatically generates the medical record note in real-time, when the exam is complete, so is the note.

    100% Privacy, No Humans Listening

    Quantum Health is 100% A.I. powered and uses no humans to review the conversation. Our advanced AI and Machine Learning processes the complete medical note in real-time, ensuring total patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.

    Automatic ICD-10 Billing Codes

    Our AI Ambient Scribe automatically generates the appropriate ICD-10 billing codes from the encounter. Saving you significant time and increasing billable rates.

  • Just Speak


    Patient-doctor exam


    Quantum Health listens and takes notes


    Email sent for physician review and approval


    Upload medical note to EHR platform

  • Request a Demo

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    About Quantum AI Health

    Generative Ambient Medical scribe for physicians enabling natural conversational voice-AI to assist in EHR document generation. Whether you're in a private practice, medical group, or hospital, Quantum AI Health removes the pain of data entry, freeing the physician to provide better quality care for their patients.