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    AI-Powered Virtual Medical Scribe



    Quantum AI Health offers a Voice-AI virtual scribe empowering clinicians to focus on the patient, with less data entry and more quality face-to-face time. Quantum listens to the patient-clinician examination and automatically generates the medical record note in real-time. When the exam is complete, so is the note.

    • In-office exam real-time medical scribe

    • Built-in telehealth medical scribe

    • Record and upload your own sessions

    • Works from both iPhone and Android devices

    • Built by clinicians for clinicians

    • Clinicians can focus on the patient and not on data entry tasks

    • Clinicians can see, on average, five more patients per day

    • Patients now have better access to the clinician's schedule

    • No after-hours or weekend note-taking

    • Lowers clinician burnout

    • A secure solution, no humans listening

  • Works from your own iPhone or Android device

    In-Office Medical Exam

    Telehealth Medical Exam

  • Virtual AI Powered Scribe

    Built with advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, voice recognition technology, speaker identification, and contextual natural language understanding.

    Automated SOAP Notes

    Listens to the patient-doctor examination and automatically generates the medical record note in real-time, when the exam is complete, so is the note.

    100% Privacy, No Humans Listening

    Quantum Health is 100% A.I. powered and uses no humans to review the conversation. Our advanced A.I. and Machine Learning processes the complete medical note in real-time ensuring total patient privacy and HIPAA compliance.

  • Just Speak


    Patient-doctor exam


    Quantum Health listens and takes notes


    Email sent for clinician review and approval


    Upload medical note to EHR platform

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  • About Quantum AI Health

    Medical virtual assistant for clinicians enabling natural conversational voice-AI to assist in EHR document generation. Whether you're in a private practice, medical group or hospital, Quantum Health takes away the pain of data entry freeing the clinician to provide more quality care time for patients.